A Fintech/Payments Podcast Since 2009?

Top Fintech Podcast

That is correct. Definitely a contender for the best fintech podcasts.

Sometimes you miss out at the obvious. That something is a website called Tearsheet. Now, this is a website I visit quite often to read articles on payments & fintech as they do put really decent stuff out.

Tearsheet Podcast

However, I never paid attention to the top navigation bar where it said Podcast. It has like gazbillion episodes!

The opening statement says a lot:

Since 2009, we’ve been interviewing top thought leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and technologists actively making the future of finance a reality — today. Listen in or subscribe via iTunes, SoundCloud and Spotify.


I spent a good chunk of Saturday listening to almost 14-15 podcasts going all the way back. Needless to say, this is a goldmine. Definitely worth saving and listening to.